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The world's first beard vitamin is still the world's best beard vitamin.
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What is VitaBeard?

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The original facial hair formula.

Grow Facial Hair Faster

The first of its kind, VitaBeard® is a dietary supplement specially formulated to support healthy facial hair. VitaBeard® provides critical nutrients to help your facial hair grow faster and stronger than ever before.*

A beard grows from the inside out, and VitaBeard® is the perfect fertilizer to help you grow the best beard you can!

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Do Vitamins; Do Good.

One-for-One Donation Match

Do Vitamins has partnered with Vitamin Angels so that for every bottle of VitaBeard we sell, a child will receive vitamins for one year.

Your VitaBeard purchase directly helps at-risk populations in need gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals, one bottle at a time.

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In Science we trust.

What's in your beard?
What's in your beard vitamin?

In addition to being the first beard vitamin, VitaBeard® is still the only beard vitamin actually made by a supplement company. And it's not made by just any old supplement company. VitaBeard® is made by Do Vitamins®, a boutique supplement manufacturer specializing in clean sports nutrition. Every product we make is tested by multiple third parties for label claims, contaminants, heavy metals, GMOs and more – and VitaBeard® is no exception.

The supplement industry, and "beard vitamins" in particular, is snake-oil scam central. We don't do scams; we do science:

NSF Certification to NSF/ANSI 173
This American National Standard helps confirm that what’s on the label is in the product and that the product contains no unsafe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

NSF Certified For Sport®
Products with this certification have not only been certified for compliance with NSF/ANSI 173, but they’ve also been tested for banned substances, which is particularly important for college and professional athletes.

Certified Vegan
This was one of our first certifications and one we take very seriously. There are no animal products in or in any of the ingredients in VitaBeard®, nor is it tested on animals. Your beard is a different kind of animal.

Hand made by Do Vitamins
in an FDA registered and GMP-audited facility. We don't just Do Vitamins, we Do Vitamins really, really well.

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Beard the world.

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Feed your beard®. • موجز ويب الخاص بك اللحية. • Hraniti svoje brade. • Храня си брада. • Alimentar la seva barba. • 喂你的胡子。 • Hraniti svoju bradu. • Krmit své vousy. • Feed dit skæg. • Het voeden van je baard. • Feed oma habe. • Syötteen parran. • Nourrir votre barbe. • Füttern Sie Ihren Bart. • Ζωοτροφών γενειάδα σας. • Manje ou bab li pouse. • תעשיר את הזקן שלך • फ़ीड आपकी दाढ़ी। • Noj koj cov hwj txwv. • Feed a szakállát. • Pakan jenggot Anda. • Nutrire la tua barba. • あなたのひげをフィードします。 • Kulisha ndevu yako. • rol je'. • 수염을 피드. • Barot savu bārdu. • Pašarų jūsų barzda. • Suapan janggut anda. • Beard tiegħek ta ' l-għalf. • Alimentación ti' u me'ex. • Mate din skjegg. • Alimentación ár ya ju̲ní. • خوراک ریش خود را. • Karmić swojej brody. • Alimente a sua barba. • Hrana ta barba. • Подача вашей бороды. • Нахрани своју браду. • Nahrani svoju bradu. • Kŕmenie vaše fúzy. • Vzdrževati vaš brado. • Alimenta a su barba. • Mata ditt skägg. • ฟีดของคุณเครา • Sakalın besleme. • Годувати бороду. • آپ کی داڑھی کو کھانا کھلا ۔ • Nuôi bộ râu của bạn. • Bwydo eich beard.

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