Beard Growth Tips

Beard Growth Tips – Feed Your Beard®

Here’s some tips to help you get the most beard growth out of VitaBeard®.

Take VitaBeard With Food

VitaBeard works better when you take it with food. We designed it specifically so that you can take one capsule with each meal (assuming you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Any vitamin or combination of vitamins will be better assimilated when they are introduced into the body with food.

This point is about getting the most nutrition out of each VitaBeard dose. If you have to take VitaBeard on an empty stomach, nothing bad is going to happen, but it may not provide the most optimal conditions for nutrient uptake.

Take VitaBeard for at Least 30 Days

VitaBeard doesn’t work overnight. This is why we don’t offer VitaBeard sample packs; one or two capsules isn’t going to make any noticeable difference. Many men take VitaBeard for the first time and expect to see results instantly. Unfortunately, hair doesn’t work that way. Usually, hair growth, including beard growth, happens in cycles, but all men grow beard hair differently. You might see nothing for a few days and then your beard will grow extremely fast. You might have a steady growth rate. You might have plateaus. Many men see an improvement within the first week, but again, every man is different. VitaBeard will supplement your diet to assist in every phase of beard growth.

If you don’t have a beard, 30 days will be enough for you to see the VitaBeard results. If you already have a beard, 30 days will be plenty for you to tell a difference between the hair you normally grow and the hair you grow while taking VitaBeard. Either way, give VitaBeard a solid 30 days to get the best results. And don’t forget VitaBeard is as much for the care and quality of your beard as it is for the speed at which it grows.

Eat Healthy

A beard grows from the inside out. If VitaBeard is beard fertilizer, then food is the healthy seeds of beard growth. There is a direct correlation between the quality of your diet and the quality of your beard. Avoid junk food (especially sweets) as they can wreak havoc on your beard hair and the skin underneath it.

Eat a steak. Or a chicken, or a fish, or some beans (soy/tofu counts here), or some peanut butter…anything with ample protein. Your beard, and the hormones that grow it will benefit from healthy amounts of high quality protein. Hair is basically spent protein. Don’t skimp on fat, either. Just choose healthy fats. Specifically, eat food high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s have long been associated with hair and skin growth and condition, and studies have shown them to be critically important to most functions within the body.

Since most people don’t get enough Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, many doctors will recommend an Omega-3 supplement. Do Vitamins (that’s us, and we make VitaBeard) makes an Omega-3 supplement called AlphaOmega. In addition to having the highest EPA and DHA levels per 1000mg capsule, it’s also non-GMO and 100% made in the USA from wild-caught Alaskan fish. Moreover, we designed AlphaOmega and VitaBeard to go together, and with the recent updates to VitaBeard, a man only needs two supplements in his daily routine: VitaBeard + AlphaOmega. You can take either by itself, but together, you’re bearding with gas, son! We offer a VitaBeard + AlphaOmega combo-pack at a discount, which covers shipping and then some!

VitaBeard is as nutritionally dense as vitamins can be, and it can help a great deal in supplementing your dietary shortcomings. However, to get the most out of VitaBeard, eat healthy, too.

Drink Plenty of Water

Each time you take VitaBeard, drink a full glass of water. Like any vitamin, VitaBeard works best when you are fully hydrated. Being sufficiently hydrated will ensure your body processes all the nutrition in VitaBeard. Since VitaBeard targets not only hair, but the hair follicles in and under the skin, it’s even more vital that you hydrate, as good hydration is essential for skin condition and regeneration.

Almost everyone can benefit from drinking more water. If you’re focused on beard growth, and if you’re taking VitaBeard, you should drink more water than you do now, too. Some studies have shown that hydration effects testosterone production. By drinking a large glass of water each time you take VitaBeard, you’ll be well on your way to getting enough.

Follow the Directions

One bottle of VitaBeard lasts one month. VitaBeard’s serving size in our supplement facts is 1 capsule, but our recommended dose is 3 capsules per day. You can take VitaBeard one capsule per day, two capsules per day, or three capsules per day – that’s up to you. However, VitaBeard works best when you take 3 capsules per day. It was designed specifically so that one bottle (90 capsules) lasts roughly 30 days, or one month. You can save money and stock up for three months by ordering our discounted VitaBeard 3-Pack.

Always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting any supplement regimen. VitaBeard is safe and contains no drugs or banned substances, but only your doctor knows your health profile and can recommend what is best for you.

Two more things that aren’t specifically feeding your beard, but are also very important to beard growth:


For beard growth, exercise is about nutritional optimization. By this, we mean that exercise just makes every beard-feeding thing we’ve talked about so far work better. Cardiovascular exercise helps circulation, which optimizes nutrient uptake. And lifting weights, for instance, creates muscle growth (which is essentially tissue repair), and beard growth is a by-product of muscle growth (the same process for tissue repair grows hair). Lifting weights also stimulates testosterone production, for which beard growth is also a by-product. All of this just means you’re getting the most bang out of your vitamin bucks.

You don’t have to be a gym-rat, and any small amount of exercise is better than none. Remember, it’s about optimization; exercise is a much smaller part of the equation than food, water, and supplements are for beard growth.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your beard grows the most while you are sleeping. Like we said in the Exercise section, beard growth occurs with repair, and your body does the most repair during rest. Plus, testosterone production is highest in men during the morning hours in the final sleep cycle. So focus on two sleep points: 1) Getting enough sleep (quantity), and 2) getting good sleep (quality).

It’s no coincidence that old men who take naps every day have the longest beards: better sleep habits = better beard habits!